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1. Optimization using Nature Inspired Algorithm using Python [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]

  • Introduction to Optimization.

  • Introduction to Nature Inspired Algorithm.

  • Type of Optimization Problems.

  • Type of Nature Inspired Algorithms.

  • Understanding local and global minima/maxima.

  • Deal with premature convergence.

  • Introduction to Genetic Algorithm.

  • Problem Solving using Genetic Algorithm.

  • Introduction to Particle Swarm Optimization.

  • Problem Solving using Particle Swarm Optimization.

  • Other Algorithms: ACO, ABC, DE.



2. Scientific Writing using LaTeX [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days] Most Popular

  • Introduction and Installation of LaTeX

  • Resume / CV writing.

  • Synopsis / Report writing.

  • Thesis writing.

  • Article writing using Template (IEEE/Elsevier).

  • Presentation preparation.

  • Miscellaneous: Adding Table, Figures, Equations, Mathematical Expressions and Reference Management.



3. Machine Learning and Data Mining Using R [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]

  • Introduction to Machine Learning & Data Mining.

  • Basics of R.

  • R and Rattle Installation.

  • Working with Rattle.

  • Research topics in Machine Learning & Data Mining.

  • Useful resources for R and Machine Learning.

  • Working with Classification Problem.

  • Working with Regression Problem.

  • Working with Clustering Problem.

  • Paper writing using Machine Learning

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