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LOR Resources

1. Join WhatApp Group (Thapar LOR Group) | Click Here

2. Cold Email: Content for an internship position with national/international Professor | Click Here

3. Sample LOR

  • Click here to download the Sample LOR

  • Prepare one for yourself and send to me in word(doc/docx) format.

  • Also, give my official email id when applying (

  • Call me for any other issue

4. SOP - Link-1 Link-2

5. Online request for academic documents (Transcript/ Migration Certificate/ Duplicate Grade Cards etc.)

6. Guidance for MS Admission
  • [Blog] "The A-Z for Graduate Admissions MS/PhD" by Sai Siddartha Maram
  • [Video] "How to get into top universities for MS CS" by Avani Aggarwal
  • [Video] "PhD without Masters in US! India" by Sai Siddartha Maram [Most imp]
  • [Video] "How to score 330 plus in GRE?" by Avani Aggarwal
  • [Link] EIT - European program for Masters and PhD. Click Here
  • [Blog] GRE Requirements. Click Here [Imp]
  • [Blog] CS/CS-Adjacent GRE Requirements. Click Here [Imp]
  • Scholarship for Master Degree after BE/BTech by Sai Siddartha Maram
    • There are two kinds of expenses which come up. Living expenses and tuition fees.
    • The chances of getting a scholarship purely based on your application package for your masters is super slim and if you are from CS/ECE it's even slim.
    • The reason being PhD students generally take up the RA Positions and TA positions.
    • An ideal approach would be in your first semester build a good rapo with a professor on their research. Discuss a potential RAship opportunity or TAship opportunity with them for the subsequent semester. This might get you some stipend to cover living expenses (or) some Universities waive of fee for up to certain credits for doing an RA/TA.
    • Doing an RA/TA come with consequences. At some places, at least a RA/TA is expected to spend 20hrs/week. This cuts your preparation time for your internships or placements. Still manageable, but keep it at the back of your mind.
    • Ideally, if you are planning for a PhD a RA increases your chances by many folds since it has tangible research outcomes.
    • Other opportunities include fellowships from the University. For example, My university has a specific scholarship called the Guru Gobind Singh Scholarship which is exclusively for graduate students who have graduated from Punjab and some regions in Pakistan. But these come with regulations and rules which include you going back to your country after graduation.
    • Look at external scholarships such as Natoram Seakari, KC Mahindra Scholarships, etc. These are not exactly scholarships but they are interest-free loans, which still keeps the burden of family in paying bills!
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